Slot Cars Rule !!!


Back in 1985, a couple of friends set-up to build a Slot Racing track in their garage. As they had been involved in Slot Racing for a while they decided to build a four tracks circuit based on the Scalectrix Classis technology. A lot of the track is original Scalectrix pieces while the longer and more critical pieces (Parabolic Curve, Straight) are home made (See the map and some pictures of the track). It took about two years to complete the track but it is a very nice achievement.

The track is about 70 meters long (that's over 230 feet). All the electrical and electronics of the circuit are home made and the track is powered by a 32 V adjustable power supply. It also has an IR sensor for timing and counting which is installed at the start/finish line.  It is driven by a micro-contoller board that sends the information to a display board set-up atop the parabolic curve. All the information is also interfaced to a PC or a Mac for automatic acquisition and display in a spreadsheet.

All the cars are entirely home made, following a set of rules decided upon by the various people involved. Rules include wheel base spacing, maximum width, engine restrictions (such as unchanged rotors) See the complete rules (in French).... The best lap time ever on the track is 14.70 secs.

Every year several races are organized. They can take various formats: 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours. The highlight of the year is the 24 hours race, which is organized one week after the 24 hours of Le Mans. Teams of two pilots actually go for 24 hours on 2 hours rotation. This is usually a great opportunity for a weekend of fun where a lot of people just show up to enjoy the Barbecue and tease the boys. The 1996 edition was probably the most exciting in history: only 6 laps difference between first and second after 24 hours. Check this page for more details on the 1996 race.