Slot Cars Rule !!!

A tale of two sloters

Sloter, the Spanish company has been coming out with multiple models lately. There have already been multiple reviews of these cars on various sites,
here I just give my favorite tips for tuning these cars.

• First and foremost here are links to the individual reviews of each car from other racers that have done a very fine job at showing off and describing these cars:
Ferrari 312 PB
Lola T290

• I purchased the #2 Red Ferrari (is there any other color for a Ferrari?) and the #12 yellow Lola



• I then proceeded to open up the cars and perform a few adjustments in the front:
1. First, pull the guide wires forward a little bit, they were tight on mine, and flatten them towards the side
2. Also make sure that the front axle and the guide wires do not touch, they did on mine
3. Remove the front tires and sand the wheels to remove any flashing (for example you can see a small bump on the tire which is due to excess flashing on the wheel)
4. For better performance, you can replace the front tire easily with low profile (zero grip) tires, part # SIPT15
5. Lube with your favorite plastic friendly racing oil the front axle and the guide shaft


• Then, the back:
1. Glue the motor in place using hot glue
2. Glue the bushings in place using CA glue
3. Lube the bushings and the motor shaft (a single very little drop in each spot is enough)
4. Lube the crown-pinion with a plastic friendly grease (PTFE ort equivalent)
5. Sand the wheels to remove any flashing and glue the tires in place (I usually use Shoe Goop or equivalent)


• On the other side:
1. Sand the tires down
2. I added a button magnet as indicated (this is a 10 mm diameter magnet by 2 mm thickness from Super Magnet Man) since we race at 16V and it really helps at these higher voltages. Otherwise, running these cars no magnet at 10-12V is a real blast.


• ENJOY !!!