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SCX Seat Cupra GT

This SCX car is a very nice reproduction of the wild looking Seat Cupra GT

• Introduced in 2003 at the Barcelona car show, this car has raced since then in the Spanish GT series. I could not find any pictures of the car with the livery as reproduced by SCX, so here are two pictures of the original 2003 model from the Barcelona car show.



• SCX did a very nice job on the car. The shape is accurate, the paint and decal quality is very good.




• Flipping the car over, the new SCX motor pod can be found there. I think this design is very effective. As can be seen from the picture I added two small magnets just behind the stock magnet, as the grip of the stock tires was good, but not quite good enough. Also, the guide and double braid system is impeccable on this car. Another nice thing is the fact that I only had to sand the rear tires very lightly to get them flat and in round.


• Opening the car, one finds the now customary SCW lighting system with the two contacts from the body coming down on the chassis. For this car I thought that the stock SCX motor was really wimpy and I replaced it with a 29K (sold with the SCX adaptor), my weapon of choice.


• When I reassembled the car, I only used the two front screws but left the rear one out to give the body/chassis assembly a little less rigidity. The next picture shows details of the gearing and the rear spherical bushings, a nice touch.


• Usual preparation for the car included:
• Lubed the gearing with PTFE grease
• Lubed the axles and motor shaft with one drop of racing oil
• Glued the motor in place using hot glue

With these few modifications, this car is FAST and the lights are bright !!!