Slot Cars Rule !!!

Pimp My Ride !!!

One of the guys I race with, Jim from
Nomad Slot Racing, got one of the Tuner Acura Integra from Revell-Monogram and asked me to install some lights for it. I did it using two light kits from SlotTronics (now defunct but you can use any other light kist on the market)4 white LEDs, 4 b lue LEDs, 2 red LEDs.

• Here are a few shots of that car:





• I thought the car was actually quite nice, a bit heavy but very smooth and I like the Revell motor, not very fast but very easy and very forgiving to drive. All the car really needed to get going was sanding the rear tires and of course ... Some lights!

• Starting in the front, I removed the existing plastic lenses, drilled through and installed 4 white LED head lights


• Then going to the rear, two taillights. No brake lights on that one, not quite enough room in the rear.


• Two blue lights for the underpan


• One blue light in the engine compartment


• And one blue light behind the driver


• 10 LEDs later, you are done

Let there be lights on your slot cars !!!