Slot Cars Rule !!!

Fly 1966 Fly GT40 MkII

A while back, I purchased that Fly Ford GT40 and sort of left it alone in a corner for a while. A little tweaking and it has become one of my favorite light magnet cars.


• Here is a shot of the original car taken at Le Mans in 1966. Mario Andretti and Lucien Bianchi drove that car but got a DNF 8.5 hours into the race after blowing a head gasket.

• As we got used to from Fly over the past few years, this car is a very nice reproduction of the original. Check out the details on the front tires for example, or the rear of the car.





• Flipping the car over shows even more how much Fly has been paying attention to details on this car.


• I wanted that GT40 to be competitive with the Scaley Ferrari P3 that we run on our long Carrera track. To achieve this I did the following to the car:
• Lubed the gearing with PTFE grease
• Lubed the axles and motor shaft with one drop of racing oil
• Glued the motor in place using hot glue
• Glued the rear bushings in place using CA glue
• Put Indy Grips IG3009 in the rear
• Added a 9 mm diameter by 1 mm thickness magnet from Super Magnet Man
• Sanded down the front tires by about 1 mm and coated them with nail polish for less friction

After I did that, this car lapped about 0.1 sec better than my Ferrari P3 … Mission accomplished !!!