Slot Cars Rule !!!

Fly 1980 BMW M1

This Fly car was a must have for me as Nelson Piquet is and has always been one of my favorite drivers.

• Nelson Piquet ran this car in 1980 in the Procar championship, winning the championship that year. The Procar events had the particularity to be a single car venue; all cars were BMW M1’s. In 1979-1980 40-50 cars were prepared for this and many F1 drivers of the time (Nelson Piquet, Alan Jones, Didier Pironi) drove them. Note that only 456 (or maybe 457) total M1’s were made by BMW throughout the years.


• As we got used to from Fly over the past few years, this car is a very nice reproduction of the original.





• Two main things need to be noticed. First the Marlboro decal in the front comes on a separate sheet that it is up to the buyer (us) to use or not. Second the quality of the tires and wheels was very good on that car, no need for aftermarket tires there. Also the size of the rear tires is much larger than anything else I have ever seen before on a Fly (other than the trucks).



• Four screws (2 front and 2 rear) get you inside the body/chassis. The only major change to that car was exchanging the motor for a 29K, keeping the gearing exactly as it was.
• Lubed the gearing with PTFE grease
• Lubed the axles and motor shaft with one drop of racing oil
• Glued the motor in place using hot glue
• Glued the rear bushings in place using CA glue

This is a really fun car to drive be it at 12V on our short track or at 16V on our Carrera long track !!!