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Fly Audi Quattro A2, 1000 lakes Rally, 1983

This Fly car was a must have for me as the 80’s mystique around the Audi Quattro is something tough to escape when you were born and raised in Europe at that time.

In Rally championship, Mikkola drove for Audi from 1981 to 1987 with more or less success. However, 1983 was to be Mikkola's year. Four wins and three second places saw him and co-driver Arne Hertz finally take the World Championship title. The picture below is not Mikkola’s car (who sported #1) but instead is that of teammate Blomquist with the exact same livery.


As we got used to from Fly over the past few years, this car is a very nice reproduction of the original.





The quality and amount of details on the car is really excellent







Three screws (2 front and 1 rear) get you inside the body/chassis. Two major surprises await you when looking at the bottom of the car and the chassis.

1. As far as I know this is the first time ever (or at least in a very long time ☺ ) that Fly actually integrates a drop arm guide in one of their cars.


2. This is a 4-wheel drive car, using a direct drive on both sides of the motor.


The only major change to that car that I performed was exchanging the motor for a 25K as the Fly motor is underpowered for that 4 wheel drive train, keeping the gearing exactly as it was. Other tweaks and tuning steps included:
1. Glued the motor in place
2. Glued the rear and front bushings in place using CA glue
3. Glued the front motor shaft bushing in pace using CA glue
4. Lubed the gearing with PTFE grease
5. Lubed the wheel axles and motor shafts with one drop of racing oil
6. Trued both front and rear

That car is fun to drive and remarkably well balanced for being a bit on the heavy side. Many people might not like the stock Fly tires and will probably swap them for something with a bit more grip. Personally, I think a Rally car should drift and I will keep these tires on it. They hook just fine on the latex paint wood track and on the Carrera track (with just the stock magnet).


This is a really fun car to drive be it at 11-12V on our wood track or at 16V on our Carrera long track !!!