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Artin 1/43: Make your own track pieces for those 4-lane turns

So you want more than just 90 degree corners on your 4-lane 1/43 layout? Josh (JXR on the
Home Racing World Forum) shows us how to get it done pretty easily …

Before we start let’s check the available turn pieces from Artin in 1/43:
  • Radius 1 turn (R1): 45 degrees (track piece 4002Q or equivalent)
    • Radius 2 turn (R2): 30 degrees (track piece 4902X or equivalent)

The R1 turn fits just inside of the R2 turn

With these track pieces you are limited to making 90 degree turns in 4 lanes configurations ….. That can be quite a limiter, especially if you want a road course type of layout. If you want to design a 1/43 track using Tracker 2000 (no longer supported)
check this link for the track definition file, for Ultimate Racer 3.0, check this file.

Let’s start by taking a 45deg R1 curve and make it into a 30deg piece to match an R2 curve.

1 - Use an R2 curve to mark 30deg on the R1 piece. I found it easiest to attach straight track to each curve - then I align the seams of the straights and curves with a straight edge (ruler).

2 - Once the seams are aligned hold the tracks firmly and place the ruler in line with the edge of the R2 and score the R1 with a razor knife. Keep the mark light on the outside edge areas.

3 - This is what it should look like:

4 - On the bottom of the R1 bend the rail tabs up. I use a small screwdriver.

5 – See bent tabs on picture below

6 - And remove the rails

7 - Using another R1 - align it with the mark and score around the tabs.

8 - Also mark the end of the flat part of the tab - not the point.

9 - What it should look like so far:

10 - Score the opposite tabs in the same way. I attach another R1 to rest the top piece on.

11 - It should now look like this:

12 - Cut the track. I use a dremel with a cutting wheel to rough-cut it - leaving a little plastic between the edge and the score line. If you wanted to have a 15deg R1 here - you would cut on the other side of the score.

13 - Trim away the plastic up to the score lines. I use my razor knife here.

14 - Don't forget to trim for the small tab on the bottom inside of the track for a good fit.

15 - Test fit the track and trim away any snug spots

16 - Put the rails back in. I line the rail tabs with the standard rail tab holes.

17 - Fold the rail tabs back down. I use the screwdriver with a twisting motion to force the tabs open and then push them down firmly.

18A - Mark the rails to be cut - in this case the inside slot rails will be cut flush to the track and the outside slot rails will be cut longer to shape them into male pin ends.

18B - alternative - You can also line the pin ends up on both sides of the track - in this case the outside slot rail tabs won't line up with the rail tab holes. You'll need to cut the rail tabs off to get the rails seated in the grooves. To secure the rails in place I use hot glue in the rail tab holes. (This is also covered in steps 27 and 28.) I've used both methods with equal success.

19 - continuing from 18A - What it should look like:

20 - Skin the top of the rails to form the male pins. Again I use my dremel.

21 - What they look like:

22 - Fit it together.

23 - And if everything looks and fits good - you're done! Mostly.

24 - I like to hot glue the track together at the cut end - just a little to keep them from spreading apart.

25 Voila - a 30 degree 4-lane turn:

26 - This is the setup I use to cut an R2 into a 15deg corner - just align the ruler with the R1 and score the R2.

27 - When making a small piece of track (like 15deg) - I cut (from the bottom) a hole in the rail groove and...

28 - hot glue the rail.

I also hot glue the rail when keeping all the male pins of the rails in step 18B - since the tabs and holes don't line up. And you can also put a dab of super glue on the rail groove walls at the female rail ends to keep them from lifting.

You’re Done !!!!

A 30 degree corner from my track - standard R2 and a cut down R1:


A 45 degree corner on the left - standard R1 and R2 with a cut 15deg R2
A 60 degree corner on the right - 2 standard R2s, standard R1 and a cut 15deg R1


Good luck!