Artin 1/43 Fast Lane Slot car set

With the recent increased interest in the 1/43 scale, more and more sets and cars are coming out. Artin has produced yet another 1/43 set under the name FastLane. It is based on the 1/43 RC bodies and chassis that Artin makes under that name. Mike who posts on the HRW 1/43 board under the name "Micyou03" checked it out.

• I got the "FastLane Super Slicks 1:43 Dual Loop Electric Raceway Set" for $39.99 at Toys’R-Us, since I wanted the cars and chassis that accept the Fast Lane R/C bodies. When I went into TRU to find it, I was going crazy moving boxes, trying to find it in the slot set section and I finally decided they didn't have them yet. So I decided to go see what Fast Lane bodies they had … And there they were, stacked up under the Fast Lane R/C display.

• As far as the cars go, the bodies look great, as they use the standard FastLane RC 1/43 bodies (including the antenna hole on the car roof).


• I put the 350Z on the track without doing anything to it and it was very noisy and rough so I figured a little oil and some tire truing would do the trick.

• I pulled the chassis apart. There is a top piece that has the electrical connections for the body lights. Turn the slide latch on the front, and then the top just pops off. The rear axle is just floating around in there; there are two gears one for a high gear ratio and one for lower gearing. It looks as if you can flip the axle around and use it either way. Mine were set for the lower ratio.



• The tires are very narrow and have a very low profile.


• After oiling and truing, the noisy car rolled much better but was still very noisy and the tires are too hard.

• I felt little or no magnet effect at all and it is very difficult to keep the car on the track in the turns. The car is on the verge of spinning the wheels most of the time. When I hit the straight and gun it, the wheels start spinning, the car starts bouncing around and this goes on for about 2/3rds of my 11 foot straight.

• I checked the power of the set power supply, it is 7.5 V DC, so I don't think power on my track (8V) is the problem. It is hard to keep this car on the track even at 3 V DC. Its not that it is fast, it rattles and bounces around. I tried the other car and it is very similar. I did not do anything to the other car though.

• I tried flipping the axle to the higher gear ratio. I didn't notice any difference.

• The front wheels barely touch the track. At slow speeds, they sometimes do not turn at all and they are not binding.

• I can wiggle the rear axle about what seems to be more than 1/32 but less than 1/16; so I will say about 3/64. The top piece that snaps onto the chassis is not completely tight and when in place it can rattle a little. If I apply about one volt I can get the wheels turning slow enough to see them either not concentric or possibly even out of round. It looks way off, however when I roll the car by hand, I can't feel any movement that would indicate concentricity issues or out of round condition.

• If I hold the rear wheels up and begin to apply power; at first it feels very smooth then as I increase the power to 7.5 volts at some point the whole thing begins to rattle into a chattering type of condition. At full power of 7.5 V DC with the rear wheels up the tires begin to get thrown from the wheel. Not off the wheel but you can see the tire pulling away from the rim.

• The motor runs very smooth with the axle out. I checked the axle as best as I can and it does not seem bent. It seems more like an out of balance issue.

• The axle holes/bushings are not fairly tight. The axle gets sandwiched between the top and bottom pieces of the chassis, and the top piece moves after snapped into place. There is more up and down movement of the axle then there is back and forth movement.

In summary, a disappointing experience. The tracks are indeed Artin 1/43 compatible, the RC bodies are beautiful with a better finish than many Artin 1/43 slot bodies, however the chassis will need work, mainly on the rear axle, before these cars get to the level of comfort and performance that the Artin 1/43 slot cars (with their different chassis) have reached.