SCX Compact MotoGP

SCX, the Spanish company has finally delivered in the US the Moto GP (or maybe it’s been available a while and I just did not know about it). Unfortunately only available in a set at $99, these bikes are pretty sweet …

The set comes boxed up in a fairly traditional and standard SCX fashion, with a neat plastic wrapping that holds everything tightly

image001 image002

Opening the set took about 2 seconds flat for my 9 year old - Score an A for packaging


Of course the first thing he went for were the bikes themselves so let’s take a look. For comparison I put pictures of the real bikes just below - Score an A rendering




They are really nicely rendered and overall high quality details and tampo printing - Score an A for details


Looking closer, a little bleeding of the pain can be seen here and some of the colors (the blue in particular) could be sharper, but still very nice - Score a A- for paint



When you grab them, the bikes may feel a little whimsy, but after 2+ hours in the hands of two nine year old and two eleven year old they are still going strong - score an A for robustness

Looking below, you can see the bikes are actually quite more complex than they appear at first. A T-shaped plastic piece at the bottom holds the stabilizer (training? ☺) wheels, a surprisingly strong magnet, and the guide + brush system. As can be seen from the pictures the T- shaped plastic piece will stay level with the track while the bike can lean to either side. A small F-can motor can be seem mounted at the bottom as well.


From the motor, a pinion drives a shaft which in turns drives the crown gear which is the wheel itself - Score an A for design


In addition to leaning, these bikes have a rear suspension system (you can probably make out the spring in the left picture below) that really helps them being smooth to drive, and is actually designed to increase the pressure of the rear tire on the track and get good traction - Make that A an A+ for good design!!!


Looking at the track itself, we find the traditional SCX compact snap on system. The rails connect very well and the tabs are actually much sturdier than they look. If done properly (i.e. no bending of the rails against each other) they should be able to put together and taken apart multiple times.


The set comes with a fairly decent amount of track and it took less than 10 minutes for the two 9 year old racers in the household to put it together by following the instructions included in the set. It includes a nice number of track pieces, and easy to connect power pack and controllers, and a mechanical counter track piece - Score an A for the track and the set


The bikes are very easy to drive on that track and actually stay on very well if you don’t use the turbo button on the controllers … And of course they lean the right way in the turns … - Score an A for drivability and performance.


All in all there is very little to gripe about with the set and these bikes. Sometimes when you take a turn and the bike leans in the turn, the bike will remain leaning to that side after the turn until the next turn, sometime it will come back straight up right after the turn. Because the bikes are a little slower than cars and their guide design is closer to a pin than a flag, they will get stuck at the crossover pieces when taken at slow speed … It happened only a few times but enough that the kids mentioned it once or twice …

Here is a little video of one of the bikes taken at the Nurnberg toy fair when the bikes were introduced:

And here is a link to a great review on slotforum:

If you are an SCX compact aficionado already and need some more track, this is a great set to buy so you get your hands on these little bike as well, they are Fun!!!

All in all, a great set for decent money although on the high end of the price range I am willing to pay for a set like that - Score an A overall !!!