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Carrera Go!!!: Fast and Furious III Tokyo Drift

Carrera has not had any new releases for Go!!! in a while, but they get it right with these two cars from The Fast and Furious III, Tokyo Drift: the Nissan 350Z and the Skyline powered Mustang ‘67

• A review has already been written by Harry Wise on the Mustang: see

• Here are some pictures of the actual 1:1 cars:


• And here are the two Carrera go!!! Cars. I believe that Carrera did a great job on both cars, especially if you take into account the fact that these cars only cost $11 - $13 each. One could argue that the wheels on the Nissan are a bit big for the scale, but to me, they do still look good.


• Additional views of the two cars:




• Both cars sport the standard Carrera Go!!! chassis with the pocket magnet (very strong), the double braid system, and the keel shaped guide pin. New on these two cars are the wheels, which were obviously designed purposely to match the 1:1 cars. Good job Carrera !



• The inside of the cars reveal no surprises. The same Mabuchi motor (as usual), the same inductor and capacitors on the braid to motor connection (required for the CE marking), and same gearing. The only real disappointment on both cars was the fact that both wheels and tires were out of round, fortunately nothing a little sanding and dremeling can not fix.



• Taking these cars on the track is the usual Carrera Go!!! experience. They are very quiet and very smooth, and very clamped down due to the very strong pocket magnets.

In conclusion, more of the same in terms of performance with some small changes, namely on the tires and wheels.