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Other noticeable new 2004 Artin 1/43 cars

With the introduction of the new PowerPasser system, Artin recently came out with a lot of new cars in the 1/43 scale. Some of the best looking ones are the new Saleen, the Nissan 350Z and the Mitsubishi Evolution VIII.

• Along with the release of the new PowerPasser sets in Artin 1/43 came a lot of new cars. You can see a complete line-up of the new cars at SlotCarWorld. Among these cars the Saleen, Mitsubishi Evolution, and Nissan 350Z are completely new.

• The first thing about all these cars is the added level of details. Nothing close to the new NASCAR or the new Indy cars unfortunately, but very nice nonetheless, mostly some of the details on the front/rear of the body The decals are the usual stick on, nicely done, but of poor quality in terms of adhesive and will peel off pretty quickly.

• The second thing is that finally, the rear wheels all fit nicely under the body in the wheel wells. The front axle on the Mitsubishi still needs to be shortened (cut) a bit for the front wheels to fit well while it is fine on the Nissan and Saleen (due to their wider bodies). As usual also, the ride could be a little lower (specially in the front), but nothing that cannot be fixed with a little Dremel work. Also of note is the fact that on the Mitsubishi and the Nissan the front and rear wheels/tires are identical which also adds to the esthetics of the car.

• Turning the body over you will find the traditional large magnet, pin guide and braids. The cars come equipped with a G, H, or J chassis (these are all wide chassis, i.e. 33 mm wide in the middle as opposed to the I chassis used for the NASCAR cars which is only 30 mm wide in the middle). Almost no difference between any of these chassis other than an additional mounting hole near the pin guide in some of them.

• Opening the car is done by removing a single screw in the front while the body is also held in place with plastic tabs/inserts on the sides; the standard Artin 1/43 configuration. Inside the car, no surprises: same Artin 1/43 motor (2 mm axle) with 10-tooth, 64-pitch pinion. Rear and front axle are still the non-standard 2.16 mm diameter and the rear axle has a 28-tooth crown gear.




• The tires and wheels on the Saleen are the good old wide standard treaded tires with the good old wide rims:
o Rear: 17 mm diameter for 9 mm width
o Front: 16 mm diameter for 5.5 mm width

• The Saleen is lighted like most Artin 1/43 cars. Judging by the body interior cannot be retrofitted to PowerPasser since the receptacle for the spring mounted pin guide is not there.

Nissan and Mitsubishi



• The tires on the Nissan and the Mitsubishi are new and have a new tread pattern that offer surprisingly good grip. They are also very round right out of the box and required little or no truing.
o Rear and Front: 17 mm diameter for 5.3 mm width


• The Mitsubishi has yellow front lighting (just like some of the Porsche 911) while the Nissan has the standard white. The Mitsubishi evolution body is PowerPasser ready (with the receptacle for the spring mounted pin guide in the underside of the body) while the Nissan does not appear to be.


• Another novelty is that the hood on the Nissan actually opens, revealing a plastic molded engine with a surprisingly high level of detail. I am sure some enthusiasts will be able to use a little paint and increase greatly the value of that feature.


• Taking these cars on the track is the usual Artin 1/43 experience. They are very quiet and very smooth. The Saleen in particular was very fast mostly due to its very low profile body.

In conclusion, more of the same in terms of performance with some small but noticeable new features and improvements on these new cars.