Slot Cars Rule !!!

Artin 1/43 Mercedes Benz CLK DTM Class

With the introduction of the PowerPasser system, Artin came out with a lot of new cars in the 1/43 scale. Among some of the nicest new cars is the Mercedes Benz CLK DTM. It is available in both PowerPasser and standard configurations.

• Along with the release of the new PowerPasser sets in Artin 1/43 came a lot of new cars. The Mercedes Benz CLK DTM do not come in any PowerPasser sets but are available individually for I believe only US $6.00.

• I really like the previous Mercedes CLK from Artin so when these came out, I had to get a couple of them right away. They can be had in both classic and PowerPasser configuration.


• The main surprise about these cars is the added level of details. Nothing close to the NASCAR or the Indy cars unfortunately, but very nice nonetheless, specially some of the details on the side of the bodies and the front/spoiler. Also the rear wing is very nice and very sturdy, no risk of breaking that one away.


• The decals are stick on, nicely done, but poor quality in terms of adhesive and will peel off pretty quickly.

• Looking at the cars, the first thing that jumps up are the new wheels. Still a single plastic molded part with no inserts, but more detail and more finish with a very fine 16 spoke wheel in both front and back


• The tires however, are not new and are the good old wide standard threaded tires:
o Rear: 17 mm diameter for 9 mm width
o Front: 16 mm diameter for 5.5 mm width
o These tires always need a fair amount of truing but came out really round and have very good grip (I usually true them down until the threads are barely visible)
o I also reduce the front tire diameter to at least 14.5 mm and sometimes 14 mm as this greatly helps with the performance of the car in terms of deslotting while not taking away too much from its looks.

• Turning the body over you will find the traditional large magnet, pin guide and braids. The "Classic" cars come equipped with an "H1" or "H2" chassis while the PowerPasser cars come with the new PowerPasser chassis. The key difference between the two chassis is the pin guide mounting position which is different..

• A slight change in these cars compared to most other Artin 1/43 cars is the lighting in the car. The light bulb is smaller and brighter and the plastic light guide for the front lights is different, as the light bulb mounts in the light guide higher and further back than in older cars. This is due to the fact the body has to be compatible with the PowerPasser chassis and the light bulb and guide cannot be in the way of the spring mounted PowerPasser pin guide.

• Opening the car is done with removing only one screw in the front while the body is also held in place with plastic tabs/inserts on the sides; the standard Artin 1/43 configuration. Inside the car, no surprises: same standard Artin 1/43 motor (2 mm axle) with standard 10-tooth, 64-pitch pinion. Rear and front axle are still the non-standard 2.16 mm diameter and the rear axle has the standard 28-tooth crown gear. One thing to note on these cars (just like on the new NASCAR cars) was the absence of any slop or play in the rear axle. Other than some lubing, no work was required on the drive train.


• Taking these cars on the track is as much fun as the older Mercedes CLK. They are very quiet and very smooth. On my track, I was able to get to close to 9.5 seconds (for reference the best time ever with a standard Artin 1/43 car is just under 9 seconds). On the PowerPasser set-up, the car is the slowest I own (compared to the Indy cars and the NASCARs), but not by far.

In conclusion, more of the same in terms of performance but improved looks for the newest Artin 1/43Mercedes Benz offering.