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Track Scenery and related

Some the material in this page is specific to the 1/43 scale and Artin in particular, but much of it is applicable across scales, enjoy!

Borders: Borders are an issue with Artin 1/43, as there are none made by the manufacturer. It turns out that you have plenty of solutions anyways.

The easy way out is to use Ninco borders. It turns out that for R1(45 degree) Artin turns, the Ninco inner curve outer borders (part number 10206) are a perfect fit. You can also cut them pretty easily as I had to do to fit one or another odd corner where the entire border does not fit. Note that for Artin 1/43 R2 curves the Scalextric Sport borders (R2 borders at 370 mm radius) also seem to be great fit.

Another solution is to use neoprene foam rubber as can be found at (Side Note: Mcmaster-carr is an incredible resource for any material, essentially a mechanical engineer’s wet dream!!!).This material comes in rolls of 50 feet, 1/4 inch thick, which is the exact thickness of the Artin 1/43 track. They are adhesive backed with a very strong adhesive and really easy to put down. I have used the 1 inch wide (part number 8694K78) but they also have 2 inches (part number 8694K79). These rolls are pretty stiff but once you remove the backing they can be bend very nicely around almost any corner. For more details on this, there is an article at

I have also used another technique where the borders are made out of
3/16 thick foam core display board (available at Office stores such as Staples or Office Depot or Arts & Crafts stores) painted with a grey primer spray or black paint spray. Where needed, I added a 1/16 cork layer (sold in rolls also at Office stores) underneath to match the track thickness. These materials let you build almost any arbitrary shape border you need and are rigid. To cut all of this just use a razor blade (or Xacto knife); make sure the blades are super sharp.

Rails and Walls:
A nice feature of the Ninco borders is that you can easily use your Artin rails with very minor modifications. All you need to do is cut out the little peg on the front of the rails where they clip along the track and you can then easily slip them underneath these borders.

In some cases I have also used the Neoprene foam rubber as borders/walls. The material is ideal to catch a car gently and can be mounted vertically along a track or a border very easily. I have also painted them on the adhesive side (which usually becomes the inside of the wall, towards the track) and after painting it turns out that the adhesive property disappears since the glue is now covered with paint. For that I have used a simple flat black and painted it with a simple brush.

Because I have turns in elevation where the cars might get airborne and eat the concrete, I also made some catch fences based on a tip from Place. I combined these fences with foam core borders as can be seen ion the picture here:


Banners and Billboards:
The logos I used for my banners, billboards, and buildings are designed to be printed on 8.5x11 full sheet clear (Avery # 8665) or matte white (Avery # 8255) labels.
  • file 1: pdf file with wall and guardrail/barriers banners, as well as building wall signs
  • file 2: pdf file, signs I used for my bridge and flag stand
  • file 3: pdf file with wall and guardrail/barriers banners(this file is from Hellonwheels, a member of the Slot Car Illustrated forum).
  • File 4: pdf file, more wall and guardrail/barriers banners. These are meant to be printed on Avery adhesive labels where each label is 1 x 2.75 inches, which is just fine for the1/43scale as shown below.
  • You can also download this Zip file that has all the logos above and much more (careful 20+ Mbytes file)


Here are a few more links to places with a bunch of racing logos:

Finally, for any company you might think of and you want the logo, check:

You can also download this Zip file (Thanks to the Judge from the 1/43 HomeRacingWorld forum): it contains tons of high quality graphic files for companies such as Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Bugati, Chevy, and many others

If you need some Vintage Billboard pictures, check
this link out, not all of them are usable for editing and printing but it is a great resource nonetheless. Thanks to “Thatguy01” a Slot Car Illustrated forum member for pointing this one out. Here is another great link for vintage signs (Thanks to HellonWheels).

For all kinds of racing related art (posters, program covers, etc.), check
this link out. Thanks to“Scatman1” a Home Racing World forum member for pointing this one out.

Buildings and related:

I bought a couple of Scalextric buildings: namely the pit stop and control tower, plastic version, not the cardboard ones. Even though they are meant for 1:32 scale, I think it still looks Ok.

pitstopbuilding ControlTower
I also use a plastic building and modified it a bit so that it would suit my needs.
Garage1 Garage2

I found a
Schuco Junior Diorama on e-bay, and I am also using an old Minichamps, Toyota pit crew that I had on a shelf.
Toyota Crew DSC01571

Note that I also used painted foam core display board to do the entire paddock area.
Find slot car track buildings on eBay
Very nice paper building templates can be found at:

You can also get buildings in 1/43 scale from all the brands of "O" gauge model trains. Some of them actually would look good on a track, for example check out the Lionel Heliport, a little paint and decals and there is a nice track building.

I also use a GoodYear bridge on the layout (you can find Dunlop bridges as well), look on eBay.


For the lights on the track (got to have that night racing), I went the easy way, I purchased them all rather than try to rig my own. I found on e-bay a few lots of Lionel and Life-Like (now walthers) lights:

See this PDF File for how to wire such lights in your layouts

If you ever have trouble finding replacement bulbs for these lights or if you prefer white LED illumination, here is
an article on how to adapt LEDs to the Lionel light fixtures.

Here is a
quick wiring and info to make LED based red-yellow blinking-green caution lights with a centralized single switch control.

Some useful links for scenery related topics:

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