Slot Cars Rule !!!

Track Layout

  • Track Layout Design: after the table was built, I had to decide which layout would be optimal for what I was looking for, i.e. a road/street course where the utilization of the available table space had to be maximal.

The following is dedicated to Artin 1/43 Layouts

  • Le Mans: to build this layout in Artin 1/43 you will need: 47 straights, 10 1/2 straights, 32 R1 45 deg curves, 36 R2 30 deg curves. To complete this layout, you will also need to cut two additional R2 30 degree curves in half to get four 15 degree curves)


  • Spicing up your layouts: In Artin 1/43, the following two track pieces are available: the Split piece (left, part number 4551, $10) and the Join piece (right, part number 4550, $10).


Based on the existence of these pieces, I have modified the split piece (left picture) so that the direction in which the cars exit that track piece can be remotely controlled from the pits.
See the details here. All you have to do to make this is buy a railroad model track point motor/switches (about $6.00 each) and be willing to do some cutting of plastic.

  • See a movie of one of my 5x12 track layouts (pictured below): click here