Slot Cars Rule !!!


In these pages, you will find as much information as I could put together on the 1/43 scale in general, and on Artin 1/43 cars and tracks in particular. I hope you find this both entertaining and useful as I have tried to put as many technical tips, links, and pictures as possible.
Why 1/43? The 1/43 scale makes a lot of sense for home racing, as the space requirements are relatively minimal compared to the larger scales and the price is just right (read: “cheap”). If you take into account the fact that SCX, Carrera and Artin make 1/43 (with a few other Chinese manufacturers like Childford and Jiada), it bodes well for that scale. Granted, the cars are by far not as beautiful as what you can get in 1/32, but it is getting better. The fact that SCX, Carrera, and Artin are also manufacturers of the larger scales is a major plus, and should help bring the 1/43 scale along. In these pages, you will find as much information as possible dedicated to the 1/43 scale in general with somewhat of a bias towards Artin as the really low cost of the Artin cars and tracks make it really affordable and really amenable to all kinds of customizations.